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Broken Arrow Branding

A Professional Image Branding Agency by Jessica Schley

Broken Arrow Branding Iron

Jessica's Professional Background

Broken Arrow Branding is a social media management consultancy for the equine and real estate industries. I assist clients with specific projects ranging from website overhauls to marketing collateral organization to daily Facebook post management. My background in social media management and event planning comes out of 5+ years handling social media management for sustainable agriculture nonprofits, and 3 years planning celebrity, corporate, private and public events, coordinating tours and programs, and managing social media outlets for a wild horse sanctuary. My current clients include Sharon Currie, Deanna Harwood, Bob Jennings, Carole Colone and Doris Banchik of Berkshire Hathaway California Properties Los Olivos branch office, the Santa Ynez Valley Human Society, Nicole Chastain Training Stables, Euro Horseshoeing, Eagle Flight Farm, and many others. Past clients include Monty Roberts, Join-Up International, Flag Is Up Farms, Cooper Rodeo Foundation and Costarricense de Paso of the Unite States.

Some of my current duties for clients include: web team/IT team leadership, organization of marketing assets, information gathering and consolidation, task management and data management. My objective as a consultant is to assist clients with public image management, messaging, product placement, message timing, sales and name recognition.

Equestrian Background

My focus on the equine industry has come from a lifelong background in equestrian sports, ranging from foxhunting to polo, dressage, eventing, hunter/jumpers, 4-H, gymkhana, ride & tie, polocrosse, horse camping, and cattle ranching. This background gives me an in-depth understanding of the equine industry at large and am well versed in the "language" of the horse world. This makes me well positioned to interface with non-horse-industry press who often do not understand many nuances of the equestrian world and its esoteric "horse-talk." As someone deeply commited to ranching and rangelands, real estate is a great industry to be involved in as well. I admire the professionalism of the realtors I work with, and their appreciation for marketing is also a winning combination.

The Story of the Broken Arrow Brand

I named my business after my grandmother's cattle ranch and the brand which marked her Charolais herd for more than 70 years. When she passed away in 2011, the branding irons and brand registration papers were passed to me. The image of a broken arrow is an international symbol of peace, and our family's cattle brand was designed with that in mind. As my logo and business name, it serves as a reminder of my roots, my family's ranching legacy, and the future I am aiming for.

Social Media Marketing
Develop & maintain your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

Website Maintenance & Enhancement
Content re-organization, text re-writes, update information

Marketing Program Development
Develop a target-based strategy for promoting your business online & in the real world

Internet Presence Development
Identify weak areas in your internet presence, target high visibility opportunities

Equine Sales Marketing Packages
Video production & photography, including post-production & internet posting

Small Event Planning
Organize & promote Open House events to expose your business to the community 

Organizing & Task Execution
Highly organized & easy to work with, getting things done is my expertise!

Special Projects Management
Submit a proposal for a special project in need of oversight & receive a quote


"Jessica's knowledge, skill, and organization have been invaluable to our organization's mission. Knowledgeable, prompt, innovative, and efficient - she's an asset to the support and development of any project and brand." 
~ Elizabeth Nesmith, Executive Director, Cooper Rodeo Foundation

"Jessica's dedication to promoting the work of Return to Freedom, American Wild Horse Sanctuary from 2010-2013 has been heartfelt. Jessica is bright and brings an innovating spirit to her work. We appreciate the time she devoted to our cause and look forward to continuing to work together on community and special projects. I am confident that she will always be a champion of Return to Freedom, and horses both wild and domestic!" 
~ Neda DeMayo, Return to Freedom, American Wild Horse Sanctuary

"Jessica served on the Land Trust Alliance Policy team and her role was to communicate with the equestrian community regarding continuation of the enhanced conservation easement tax incentives. In that role, Jessica was very effective. She was a good writer, and communicator. She was responsive and focused on the important tasks. She is someone I would consider hiring and you should, too."
 ~ Deb Baliet,  Executive Director of the Equine Land Conservation Resource

"Jessica is attentive, thorough and efficient. I would highly recommend Jessica as an employee."  ~ Kelly Bowles Gray, Esq.

"Almost from the time of her birth, I have recognized in Jessica a warm, friendly, intelligent and enthusiastic lady of the highest quality and of good family. I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was especially impressed at her very lucid explanation of the budget crisis in Sacramento occurring at the time. I can truthfully say that her work was the best thing I read or heard on the subject from any source. Here we have in a young person, someone who has the drive, the personality, the passion, the intelligence and the broad range of talents to handle well whatever she puts her hand to. Speaking of talents, her resume and education is of course impressive, but it only hints at her broad range and depth of talents."
 ~ John Fuhring, Member, Santa Ynez Valley Hounds

Services Offered

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