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Santa Ynez Valley Equine Connection

Santa Ynez Valley Equine Connection 

The equestrian community in the Santa Ynez Valley needed a place to meet up and exchange information, ideas, events, and items for sale. So I created a Facebook group to that end. Pretty soon, I realized there was so much going on that perhaps there needed to be a website with a calendar of events where people could post information about all of the amazing equestrian events happening in the valley could be published. Next, I made a YouTube Channel and started making little videos about all of the interesting things happening in the valley. I write and publish articles about the equestrian community in the SYV Star, to which I also share the links here, and thus, the SYV Equine Connection was born.

 Events Calendar

 SYV Equine Connection Facebook Group

Youtube Channel

SYV Star Equine Column Articles


Jessica Schley


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