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Published Works

 I am an experienced journalist with published articles in national and regional magazines and newspapers.

Most recently I have focused on writing about that which I know best: horses and the equestrian community.

My next goal as a writer is to submit some of my short stories and poetry to creative writing journals.

If you have any suggestions of publications to submit to, please contact me

The Five Hearts of the Horse, Whole Life Times Magazine: June 2016
Therapeutic Riding Center Installs New Sure Hands Lift System, Santa Ynez Valley Star: June 1, 2016
Sexton Competes in Second International Four Star Event, Santa Ynez Valley Star: June 1, 2016
Equestrian Center Evokes Powerful Memories, Santa Ynez Valley Star: May 1 2016
Center Shows Strength of Growing Equine Community, Santa Ynez Valley Star: March 2016 
Equestrian Community Has Long Traditions, Santa Ynez Valley Star: February 2016


Rancher Profile,  an interview with Brooke Werley of Agrarian Trust, April 2014

Q&A with Chris Cox, United States Pony Club Magazine, Spring 2013

Hold Your Horses! How to Land Your Dream Job in the Horse World, USPC Magazine Winter 2013



Isadora's Mission, Blaze Magazine for Horse Crazy Kids (Canada and United States) Winter 2012 Issue No. 35

Horse Whisperer, Photo Editorial by Ari Abramczyk, GENLUX Magazine (Los Angeles) Winter 2012 (provided horses & location)


Living La Vida Local, Santa Ynez Valley Guest Magazine, Spring 2010

Horsing Around in the Valley, Santa Ynez Valley Guest Magazine, Summer 2010


Dare to Dream, Land Trust Alliance National Magazine, Fall 2009


AB 2686 Was a Long Time Coming, Santa Ynez Valley Journal

Pay-As-You-Drive Auto Insurance Bill Spurs Privacy Concern, Ventura County Star

Fire Risks Found in Housing Developments, Ventura County Star

Bill Would Ban PVC Packaging, Ventura County Star

Legislators Leaning Toward Hybrid Cars, Ventura County Star

Budget Stalemate Halts Legislative Staff Pay, Ventura County Star

Rancho Oso: Bear Essentials for Fun, Santa Ynez Valley Guest Magazine

A Coffee Tasting Tour of the Valley, Santa Ynez Valley Guest Magazine 


Los Olivos Veterinarian Contributes to Medical Science, Santa Ynez Valley Guest Magazine, May 2003


Waiting for Me, (poem) Los Padres Sun Newspaper, June 1993

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